Trade-In Guidelines

Book trade-ins are what keeps us going! We love finding books a new home just as much as you love to read them. However there are a few guidelines to be aware of here at Dog-eared books:

  • Store credit is based on the condition, age, and popularity of each title.
  • Dog-Eared Books reserves the right to refuse any book.
  • 10 used books and 10 children’s books are allowed for trade-in per visit.
  • We do not accept textbooks, homework aids, or work books.
  • Store-credit may only be used for HALF of your purchase total.
  • The remaining balance must be paid with cash, check, or card.
  • Unused credit rolls over to your future visits. (Dog-Eared Books is NOT responsible for lost or stolen credit documentation.
  • Books are sold as is. We do NOT take returns, nor do we do exchanges.
  • We do not do 1 for 1 trades.
  • Dog-Eared Books is NOT responsible for compensation of unused credit as a result of store closure.

If you have any questions about the guidelines or need clarification please email me at or call me at


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